Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ketogenic Diet - Week 2

Last week of school CRAZY!!!!!!  So glad summer is here and I can come up for air.  All week I knew I wanted to post and all week I just could not sit down long enough to write anything.

Karter had 5 seizure free days, YEAH!  He then had two days where he had night seizures.  He then went three days and had another one.  This is the best seizure control we have had in a long time, so we thought that was pretty good for week one.

Had had a could of issues with digestion and constipation, which obviously made for a couple of grumpy days.  But once we got that all worked out, he was back to his happy self.  Karter seems to be regaining is energy and is sleeping less during the day and very well at night

The food is still enjoyable for him, there is not anything that he has rejected.  I spent one night preparing the weeks meals, it took me a couple of hours but did not seem as hard as the first time.

Overall, I would say this first couple of weeks have gone real well....


Gramma said...

Good to hear!!!Praying this is the answer, would love to talk but know your days, hours and minutes are filled. Bless you all!!!Love your way!! Gramma W.

Anonymous said...

I love you all. So proud of the entire family for undertaking this change. I hope it works for Karter. You are all an inspiration! SuperAunt

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was just looking at your blog. Getting some flashbacks! Mason did the Keto diet when he was 5. He was a very cooperative little trooper too :)

So glad to hear that Karter is doing well on it. :) What a lot of work for you preparing the meals tho!

All the best!! :) Shirley