Tuesday, February 5, 2008

That still small voice....

Karter has been suffering from reflux for over a year now. This has in turn caused him to have severe asthma, which has also contributed to his multiple colds, ear infections and pneumonia twice over the past year. I had become quite frustrated with up to four nebulizer treatments (for asthma) each day and the frequency of sickness that was plaguing Karter. Each bout of cold or sickness would set him back for weeks. So as the year started and we looked at our goals for Karter one of them was to get a handle on his reflux and his asthma. After deciding this, Karter got sick again and one night after his milk, he coughed so many times he vomited. This got me to thinking that maybe his milk was contributing to his reflux. So I decided to give it a shot and take him off of milk. At the same time I made him an appointment at the naturopath to talk with him about his possible milk allergy.

We had him tested for allergies and went yesterday to get the results of that test. Long story short, Karter has a toxic level reaction to all dairy (milk & cheese etc) and beef. The naturopath said that in 25 years he has never seen a child as young a Karter have such a large reaction (I think he said an adult reaction) to dairy, and never has he seen a child have a reaction like that to beef. Karter also has significant reactions to gluten, garlic and pork.

Since taking him off milk, he has gone from 3 or 4 nebulizer treatments per day down to 1 treatment in 10 days. His reflux is pretty much non-existent and he seems healthier than he has been in a long time.

These new found allergies explain a lot about his conditions and ailments. This explains why Karter is not gaining weight, it explains why he is having chronic ear infections and why he gets so sick so often. Also, it could be contributing to his low tone as well. The naturopath says that we should notice a major change in Karter over the next while. Already, the change we have noticed in his reflux is astounding. So we are excited to see what will come of the changes we will be making in Karter's diet. Miraculous really!

Amazingly, it is expected that Karter will outgrow these allergies within a couple of years. So I guess that feeling I had inside about something not being quite right...well I guess it was right. I am so thankful for that still small voice inside!