Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Beautiful Song, Wonderful Day and lots of Hope

Today we tried out walkers for Karter. I had mentioned to you before that I was really looking forward to this day. First are foremost, to see if Karter would be able to even stand in one; but also to see what things looked like in way of what how much money we would need to raise in additional funding for Karter's equipment needs.

As an "A Type" personality, I need to know all the options in order to make a formulated plan of action. I am happy to say, we found a walker that will be suitable for Karter; even better, it will also double as a stander for him! It will provide enough support for him in the hips to build the strength he needs to walk and with 1 price tag!!! I am happy to report that the amount we will need to come up with is very little in comparision to if we would have had to purchase both the stander and the walker. I love how the Lord goes before and makes the decisions so clear and easy!

Although Karter did not just get in and walk away (not like I actually thought that would happen) he did put weight through his legs and move the walker forward at times. This was so amazing to see! He definitely complained at the level of effort it took, but in time, I can see him really loving the independence and different position to see the world in.

The walker is open in the front giving Karter and his peers the ability to participate together without the interference of equipment or the restaint of having to hol don with his hands. This is something that is very important to this Mama (especially with my Preschool Teacher background). Karter's abilities can limit him in the classroom and in social settings, I feel so strongly that I do not want to put more limitation on him with his equipment. That was just as important today as when we looked at wheelchairs last year. He needs to be at the same level as his peers and needs to be able to maneuver in the same spaces that they can. The walker met all those criteria.

I took a picture of Karter in the walker so that you could see what he looked like and what it is that we will be getting for him.

After preschool and a quick appointment to see the chiropractor (which on a side note mentioned how amazing Karter's head control and neck strength was - the best he had seen to date), we came home for lunch and Karter headed off for his afternoon nap. That for me means time to get to work.

As I was going through some new songs for arranging, I came across this song called 'Before The Morning' by Josh Wilson. I had heard it a number of times before on the radio and it did catch my ear a bit, but the article had a link to a video about the story behind the song. This spoke to me and gave me such a precious Forehead Kiss From the Father. Just another reminder that the journey is all part of the miracle. The most beautiful quote in the video says "If we can trust God with our eternity, we've gotta trust Him with our now" WOW - that's good and so true. As a Christian, I have never questioned my eternity. I have a very big assurance that I know where I am going after I die. But why at times,is it so hard for me to trust that the same God that will take care of me in Eternity will also take care of ALL my needs here on earth.

If you have a chance to watch the full video, I don't think you will be disappointed, maybe even grab a tissue just in case ;-)

So it has been a great day. I am once again filled with hope in the anticipation for our future. This is just another step in this years journey of "Celebration & Expectation".

Tomorrow we head to Children's Hospital for our six month "check-in". I am anticipating great news from them as well.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Couple Of Big Weeks

We have had a few really big weeks around here. Last week was Wedding Week and this weeks has been full of appointments and a wonderful day at the Boat For Hope

This past week we met with our Occupational Therapist. She came to see us here at home, which she has not done in about 6 months because most of her visits are at preschool. This time however, I has asked her to come here so we could chat a bit about feeding and moving things along to the next level.

Every six months assessments and goal setting is done with each of Karter's therapists. This was the end of one assessment period for Karter. Each time we look back at the goals set and extend them or modify them as needed for the next six months. This time however, I am happy to announce, Karter met his six month goals. Honestly, I think this is probably the first time that we have set goals and actually met them in the time period. This was a time of real rejoicing for me.

Karter will be starting to move towards chewing and processing more solid foods in the next months. He has started to really bite on his spoon and his toys and when I put some foods in his mouth he will bite on them and break off a piece to move around in his mouth. I am excited to move into this next stage with him.

This upcoming week is also a big week for Karter. We have a 6 month check in at Children's Hospital. And on Tuesday, we have an appointment to look at walkers (and try out the stander again that we have chosen if need be) for Karter. We will be looking for something to assist him in the standing position and hopefully in time teach him to move his legs enough to get himself around independently. I am quite excited about this.

As I mentioned previously, we do get some funding towards a walker or a stander for Karter, however the other portion we need to come up with. The two together cost about $10,000. Our funding will give us $3200. My prayer is that we can find something that is suitable for Karter that will work for both standing support and walking support. That would mean we would only need to purchase a walker and find the additional funds for that. Please pray that we would find the suitable solution for Karter to best assist him and his needs. Once we have decided what his equipment needs will be, I will start the application process for grants.

At the same time, we will also be applying for grants towards a wheelchair van. This is obviously a very large purchase and something that we are just starting to research. We are praying our way through this one and are trusting that our needs will be met as they have so many times in the past.

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks and all the fun things that have been going on.