Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sometimes it's just the little things...

This past week has been one full of reflection and thanksgiving. Last Friday marked the 1 year anniversary post surgery. It really got me thinking; this year has gone by so fast and we have really been able to see some amazing progress in Karter.

This past 12 months has been full of new things for Karter. Moments that are all worth celebrating in a major way. Each thing leaving our hearts full of such hope and faith. Yes, our road may have been long and it continues to stretch before us, but with every milestone come an overwhelming assurance that we will get there. Although it may not be fast, slow and steady is just fine with me.

You know, although each little detail of Karter's progress may not seem like a lot to some, to us, the little things are huge leaps forward. Last week he drank from three different sippy cups; all without any major fuss. We have been using the same silicon sippy/bottle cup for almost three years. Karter would cry uncontrollably if I tired anything else. This past week, Paige was playing with him and she went to the cupboard and pulled out a cup that I had bought over a year ago. She filled it with water and fed it to him. I was out, but when I returned she had told me she gave Karter water because he was thirsty. When she showed me the cup, I said to her "Oh but Karter won't drink out of that cup" to which she told me "yes Mom, he can". I did not really think he did, so I thought I would try. Sure enough, he drank the entire cup of milk with no complaint. WOW! The next day, just for fun, I tried a different fuss with that one either. WOW! One major step forward.

Karter has a visit from the Occupational Therapist this past week. If I am honest with you, I used to dread those visits. When Karter first started seeing her about 18 months ago, it felt like everything she had to say was so negative and gloomy. He was not able to process food very well, he was at danger of aspirating, he had bad gargly sounds...on and was pretty discouraging. The past two visits has been so much more encouraging.

Karter is chewing on harder foods that dissolve. He is also moving them from the centre of his mouth to his molars (although the process is slow) which is the first stage of chewing and swallowing. She sat there and told me how 'amazed' she was. How Karter continues to impress her and how very well he is doing. No more doom and gloom, only encouragement in his progress. We are currently working towards self feeding. Something in her opinion he will do one day. Yes, the process needs a lot of repetition and teaching from us, but one day, Karter will no longer need us for his feeding! What a great goal to work towards!

Other great things Karter is working on right now is bearing weight on his legs and pushing backwards in his walker. He works very hard at preschool, with Kelly, on this. When he is not in his walker, he will stand up, bearing weight on his legs with our help. We are so proud of him!

By far, the greatest thing that we notice in Karter is his ability to concentrate and participate in life. His smile radiates his face and those around him. His giggle...well infectious is an understatement. Karter's personality has shone through and we are loving getting to know who he is. What a precious gift and an amazing blessing.

Karter has gone from having 5 seizures a day, pre-surgery, to having an odd seizure while he sleeps from time to time. This change is an obvious contributor to his progress. I look forward to seeing what is in store for the coming months. We are so thankful and grateful for all the things we see each day. We continue to trust that God has our best at heart and that He is good in all things. We wait in expectancy to see how He will unfold Karter's future and rest in the assurance that good things are in store.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Preschool Fine Arts

At the end of each month, Karter's preschool does a small showing of what they have learned each month. They sing some songs and put on a performance for the parents, in the last 15 minutes of class.

Here are a couple of pictures of Karter with his class.