Thursday, March 25, 2010

Just totally amazed!

And another month has past without an update; I really do try you know!

Karter is doing really well. He is growing like a weed, one wonders if he will even slow down ;-). This past month he has started to verbalize. It sounds like he says "Ya" and something along the lines of "Hi". We have been asking him questions and we think he is answering "Ya" back at us, purposeful or not, we are thrilled! The other day in the van, I was singing and he started to verbalize along with me, like he was joining in my song.

He continues to roll to the left side, grabbing for whatever it is that he can get. He has become very purposeful in grabbing with his right hand. The other day as I sat at the computer working, he kept grabbing at my keyboard hitting keys. I was Im-ing someone from work and Karter hit the zzzzzzzzzzzz key and before I realized it, I hit enter; the person on the other end thought I was bored with them. He grabs at my magazines and puts them in his mouth and then laughs at me. He has developed quite the little personality as of late. What a joy!

Today Karter started back at riding. We took a break during the Winter session so he has not ridden since late November. I thought it was going to be a total bust because he could not keep his eyes open in the van on the way there. But once he was on the horse, he did really well. No real crying, a bit of whining from time to time, but that is normal for him when he has to work hard. I noticed that he was sitting much straighter this time and that his head was not bobbing up and down as much as it normally does. He was even looking around from side to side instead of looking straight out front.

After riding we proceeded to go to preschool, as we normally do on Thursday mornings. I told the teachers that I would come and get him early since I knew he was tired and did not think he would last for the full class. I returned an hour and 15 minutes later to hear that he was doing amazingly well. I saw him sitting in his floor seat in the front row of the circle time, dancing to the songs and happy as can be. Boy that warmed my heart! Trista, his support teacher did not even need to be in circle with him, he was independently participating with the group - WOW! Earlier in class, I watched as he sat in a group of boys, one of the teachers brought a box of colored blocks over. As soon as he saw the box, he was grabbing for what was inside. I was later told that the boys were all building the tower from the blocks and then M would help Karter knock the tower down. I love how the kids include Karter is their play.

It is truly amazing to wake up each day expecting great things. Karter has done so well these past few month and we are both excited and so proud of his progress. Thanks for keeping both Karter and all of us in your prayers, we feel them each day.