Friday, October 30, 2009

What's been going on?

I am very aware that is has been a long while since I have updated you on Karter's going's-on.

Preschool is going really well, the other day when I dropped him off, he had the biggest smile on his face when we rolled in. He seems very fond of Trista (his one to one teacher) and I think she is doing an exceptional job!!!

Karter enjoyed water play for the first time the other day and Trista mentioned that he really loved it. She brought a shallow bin of water and put it on his tray so that Karter and his friends could enjoy it; from what I hear, they all really did.

Karter also has brought home various art projects from finger painting to coloring and collaging. Each art project is such a treasure to me.

I have included a number of pictures of preschool below.

An update on surgery:::

We got a call from Children's Hospital the other day to confirm that the 24th will be his surgery date. It was tentative up until this week and has now been confirmed. We are doing our best to keep Karter healthy until then. Please pray for the days leading up to the surgery. We trust that this is God's perfect timing for Karter.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Surgery date

Karter has been given a surgery date of November 24th. We will find out on November 19th if it is a for sure date. There is a tentative surgery for another patient booked on that date, however it appears that they may not need the OR that day for that patient. (it is a really long explanation that I will not bore you with).

Please pray as we make the journey up to that day. We trust that God has the perfect day, the perfect time and the perfect treatment for Karter. We rest in that.

I will also take some time and post more preschool photos and updates, I have just been swamped with things in the past few weeks.