Friday, September 28, 2007

We are home and life just keeps ticking on by....

Well we are home from our fantastic trip to Maui. I have posted many posts on our family blog if you are interested in pictures and the adventures of our vacation.

We were really able to relax and enjoy and leave all the cares, concerns and unknowns here in BC. It was wonderful to be able to have the luxury to just "forget it all" and leave it behind for a few weeks. We arrived home and I there was a call from Children's Hospital. I called back and they scheduled another "three month check up" for November 28th. In the meantime they will be scheduling an MRI.

I have to admit that I was relieve that the appointment was still a ways away. Karter is moving forward but it is in very small increments. He is still unable to roll over completely and doesn't have full use of his hands yet. My prayer for him is that those things come before our appointment in November.

As I spent some time in prayer the other night I was reminded again of my momentary struggle to take things day by day. That then led me to think that instead of praying for Karter to wake one day and get up and walk, talk etc (lol)I am going to focus on each little thing and ask for those miracles each day. So right now I am praying for his ability to use his hands. that the strength be restored and that he be "healed" in that area. Also for his rolling. He is so very close yet is seems like we keep saying that. So I pray that his desire to be mobile would peak. he s fully capable of rolling on his own, I just don't think he wants to. Anyhow, that is where I am with the whole thing. i ask that you join me in my prayers.

Otherwise things are good. His seizures are still happening, but they are far better than before and happen less frequently. So we are thankful. He is happy, he is engaged with us and we feel like we can communicate with him and he with us.

So as we approach the "one year mark" of this journey we are thankful for many things and waiting for many others. But though it all God is good and he remains the constant in our lives.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Bath time fun...

Karter was in desperate need of a haircut so I decided that bath time was the best time to do this. I put him in his bath seat...this was the first time...and away I went with the scissors. I think the cut turned out pretty good. He enjoyed the seat as well. Here are a couple of pictures.