Saturday, July 18, 2009


We received news via email, that our extended benefits company approved an authorization for the $1800 top up for Karter's wheelchair (I think I mentioned that the Government At Home Program was only covering 80%).

Praise The Lord!!!! He just continues to provide for all our needs and all of Karter's needs on a daily basis. We continue to be astounded at His goodness.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

3 Year old party

Here are the pics from Karter's party. There is a full post on our family blog.



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Saturday, July 11, 2009

THREE Years Old

How is it even possible that my beautiful little boy is three today! I have been thinking about this post for the past week; reminiscing about the past year and the few previous to this one. What an amazing journey!

I saw a blog a while back where the mother had so beautifully written a list of all the amazing milestones her child had met at the age of 1 year. It was a beautiful documentation of how far this child had come. A time to rejoice and a time to celebrate. I too rejoiced with this mother and smiled along with her.

So I thought I would do something much the same for Karter. Karter has his own scale of milestones and for us that is just fine! Karter is who he is and no one else. He will go at his pace and we rejoice in that. I thought I would preface it with these great quotes that I saw somewhere. "Do not try to define me,let me define myself. This is who I am. It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness"

This year I:

-went to Maui and was able to sit on the plane in my own seat
-learned to grab at objects with my right hand and hit objects with my left hand
-learned to giggle
-learned to play peek-a-boo and laugh uncontrollably until I bring tears to my moms eyes
-started to follow and track people through the room
-fell in love with Little Einstein. I squeal with delight every time it comes on.
-learned to ride a horse
-learned to roll consistently from my tummy to my back
-learned how to grab my toes
-can put my hands in my mouth
-can put toys in my mouth
-can eat ice cream (I hated cold food before)
-moved into a big boy bed
-gained enough strength to attain head control
-learned to sit with very minimal assistance
-gained more weight than anytime in my entire life (grin)
-overcame all my food allergies
-learned to do sit ups that would make any of you jealous.
-became very interactive with my family; especially my mom!
-started to make sounds and sometimes even mimic the sounds my mom makes.
-started to make funny faces

There are so many other great things that have happened this year. One of my favorites is the relationship that has started between Karter and Paige. Each morning, Paige goes into Karter's room, says good morning and plays with him. I can hear her playing peek a boo with him and him laughing uncontrollably. She will then tell him stories, sing to him or put music on for him. It is such a beautiful thing!

Karter has a way of teaching us things that no one else can. He teaches us strength and endurance; he embodies strength is who he is. He teaches us patience to believe. He has taught us that there is a capacity to love that is far beyond anything that we could have ever imagined. Karter is consistent and so loving; he has a way of making you feel loved without ever speaking the words. He is easygoing and good natured; he takes the good and the bad all with a smile on his face. He has taught us how to live in expectation of greatness and in the constant faith of knowing that ultimately although out of our human control, it is very much in God's control.

My son, you are an inspiration to us and to many. There is a mantle that rests upon you in anticipation of great things. You are an over comer, we have spoken that over you daily. Everyday is a new day, one full of expectation and great new things. I love you far more today than I did yesterday and my love for you will continue to explode everyday after. Thank you for lighting up my world with your beautiful smile and your infectious laughter. Every day is better with you in it. I love you my beautiful boy!!! Happy Birthday Karter, let's celebrate year number three!