Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm Taking the Bus!

Last week Karter starting taking the bus home three afternoons a week.  We had been approached about it last year, but with the big transition into school full time, this Mama was NOT ready for that big of a change.

I like to be able to see Karter's teachers face to face to be able to talk about his progress, about his day and about the great things he has accomplished.  Me fear is having him take the bus, is that the personal relationship with the teachers would end.  However, coming home on the bus three days a week was a great compromise in that regard.  we still drop him off each morning and pick him up two days a week.

I'd by lying if I said there were no tears shed the first day and I do have to admit I stood by the door for the 20 minutes prior to his arrival, just so that I was there to see him come home safely. 

The first ride was a success.  He looked around and really enjoyed the ride the bus monitor told me when he arrived home.  He gets home about 30 minutes later than if I would pick the kids up, so it does lengthen his day considerably, but he seems to really enjoy it.  I keep reminding myself that this is good for him and it has given him some independence. 

Each week Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, he takes the bus home, I cannot believe it!  He is growing up so fast!