Monday, July 23, 2012

He Loves His Sister...

Karter just adores Paige and truthfully, why shouldn't he?  She treats him like he is a treasure; she gets him toys, she gets him his milk, she plays pee-a-boo with him, she turns on his favorites shows and she has such compassion for him and his needs.

This past week, while Paige had a friend over and was watching a movie, Karter was on the couch and was a little cranky.  Paige would come over and talk to him, he would just light up.  After a couple of times Paige decided to snuggle up beside him and he was just thrilled with that.  I managed to get a great shot of the two of them together. 

I love how the two of them just connect with each other.  Paige can totally read Karter's signs; they have a great sibling bond.  God is so good!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Walker & Stander Time

On day in the Spring, I arrived to pick up Karter from school a bit early and I found him having time in his walker.  He was happy for me to leave him finish.  Here are a couple of shots I got of him in his walker.

He is doing really well pushing himself backwards and sometimes he will even pull his legs forward as if to take a step. 

We are continually working on weight bearing.  Currently, we have a stander on loan to use at home for standing.  Karter quite likes it; he usually gets to watch his favorite show - Little Einsteins - when he is playing in it.  Here are a few pictures of his time in the stander.

He does weight bear a bit without his walker or his stander; with our support.  We are very proud of how strong he is getting!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

6th Birthday - School Party

At the end of June, we celebrated Karter's 6th birthday with his friends at school.  I made cupcakes and brought them into the class with party hats and party blowers.

We played musical chairs (the wheelchair version - grin) before we did cupcakes.   Karter's classmates made him a card, his teacher's bought him a cute new red shirt and Ali brought him a birthday ballon and cotton candy to enjoy.

Here are a couple of pictures of the party.

Sports Day 2012

At the end of June, Karter had Sport's Day at school.  In the midst of a very rainy and cold Spring/Early Summer, we managed to get a beautiful warm sunny day.

We decorated Karter's chair for the "wheels parade".  It is meant in most cases for bikes - but why not work with what you have.  We went to the dollar store and grabbed decorations and decorated his chair.  Karter was on the "red" team, so we kept that in mind when we decorated.  Here is his chair.

Karter took first place!   We were thrilled!

Karter joined his kindergarten class for all the relays in the morning.  He did quite well until about 10:30, when he got so tired that he slept through most of the races.  It was so funny to watch him do the "dress-up" relay in a deep sleep.  He woke at the very end of the relay, just in time for a picture.

After lunch, I picked Paige up so that she could join Karter and his class for the afternoon.  They do a walk/bike ride around the neighborhood.

It was a great day!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Seriously 6???

...I do this every year, sit here on the night before your birthday and think about the year that has just past and I marvel at how amazing you are!  I cry, I laugh and then I am just filled with such joy because you are who you are; perfect in so many ways!!!

Physical strength does not always make a strong person, you prove that time and time again.  If other people had half your strength, this world would be made up of a lot of really spectacular men and women.  You are so full of joy; anyone who has played with you and heard you giggle would agree; you are infectious!  Your smile warms right to my heart and can make a hard day seem insignificant.

You endure more than anyone should ever have to but yet you do it with a grace and joy that is unexplainable.  You roll with the hard things life has thrown and you smile through all of it; we could all learn a lot from you.

You may not have ever spoken a word yet you have changed the lives of so many just by being you!  You are a miracle, you are wonderfully made and you teach me new things everyday.

This year was a big year.  You did so well at school and I was so proud of you.  You made great friends, you learned new things, you worked towards lots of goals and successfully completed them.  You are an inspiration.

I love you son, more than you will ever know. is where the tears begin...deep breath... The day you were born my life changed in ways I could never imagined.  I found a capacity within myself to love and live like I never did before.  You brought such joy and you completed our family!  You made me dig deep into my faith, deep into my relationships, deep into my heart and what I found was extreme love.  Love for God first off, love for our family and community of loved ones and such rich love for you.  You have made me a better person.  Life may have brought its unexpected challenges, its surprises, its joys, its immense blessings and its disappointments, but I would never trade any of it.  Your strength and ease with life always amazes me.  You seldom complain, even when you have the right to.  You are everything I ever hoped for and so much more.  You will always be my monkey, my snuggle buddy and my favorite little boy.  I adore you and could not imagine life without you.

My prayer for this coming year continues to be for healing of your body and just as your sister prays over you every night "that he may walk and crawl and play with me".  I pray that you can continue to love and embrace life and all that comes your way.  That you would have new adventures and new dreams fulfilled.  That you would continue to be a joy to those around you; smiling and laughing, waving and giving high fives to anyone who comes your way.  May you find less limitations in life and more open doors.  I pray that you will continue to fulfill the large purpose that God has for your life; you are an overcomer!  I love you Karter James, you will always hold my heart!  Happy Birthday my boy!

Love Mama

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

As promised, MONTHS ago...I have finally posted some of the photos from our family photo shoot from The Tiny Light Foundation with photographer Lisa Marie.  I posted on our family blog - find that post here