Monday, September 29, 2008

The appointments

I received a call late last week to book Karter's MRI appointment. It will be November 26th at 7am. We will then meet with Dr.Conloy that afternoon at 3.

Karter will also meet with the Opthmologist on Dec 15th at 1pm. This is to check his vision and talk about any possible impairments he may have.

This morning we met with the equipment team at the Child Development Centre in Surrey. We will meet again on November 3rd to make a decision on some alternative seating for Karter. In that category is wheel chairs, and seats for him to use until he is able to sit and move on his own.

Obviously, we continue to walk a journey of faith believing that Karter's recovery will be complete. However in that journey, the day to day challenges of his lack of mobility TODAY are something that we will address for however long we need to. It does not change our stand in faith but rather just brings it to light in a realistic way. Until we see otherwise, we will proceed in this manner. Trusting God every step of the way that tomorrow will bring about bigger and better things for our little guy.

We are off on vacation for three weeks starting next Monday. I will do my best to update as I can. You can check our family blog in the meantime at

Sunday, September 14, 2008

What's going on?

It has been a bit since I posted and some of you have asked how Karter is doing. Karter has been sick this past week - a cold and ear and throat infection. This past week we also went to the lab and had our blood tests done for the chromosomal testing for Karter. Karter was a trooper. After an hour of trying to get enough blood out of him and two badly bruised arms, we left the lab. The blood has been sent to Children's Hospital for testing and we should received a call this week, should there be some findings. If not, they will not call.

Karter has been seeing a pediatric chiropractor over the past two weeks. At his first visit, after the chiropractor examined him, the findings were that Karter's C1(basically the vertebrate that your entire scull sits on) was pushed severely out to the right. His vertebrate in the centre of his spine was twisted and his hips were locked.

At the first visit, just the neck was addressed, so as not to put too much stress on the body. (Karter was also sick and we did not want to move too much). The adjustment very gentle, almost didn't seem like anything was done. At the second visit, the mid back was addressed and this past visit the hips.

I was asked to pay attention to see if I noticed any differences in Karter. This is always a hard thing, because you look so hard that sometimes you think you make things up. However, I reported that I felt Karter was sitting straighter and more sturdy and that he was baring weight on his legs a bit more. The chiropractor confirmed my thoughts about Karter sitting straight when he walked into the waiting room and commented on it.

I do not know if it is related (but I am going to say it is) but Karter has started to roll around a bit more. Moving to his side and all the way over once. So we will continue with the treatments until Karter's spine in back in normal alignment. We will be thrilled if it makes a difference in his mobility, however we will be happy if he is more comfortable.

On a side note: Karter has been put on the list to receive riding therapy in January. This will be Thursday mornings and he will do this with his physiotherapist. This is something that we will have to pay out of pocket, however we have heard amazing things about the results of this program and what is does for a child's mobility. For Karter's birthday, instead of gifts, family and friends donated money for him to receive two 10 week sessions of riding (the cost is $300/10 weeks). We are blessed and Karter is so loved.

Should I hear something from Children's Hospital, I will keep you posted.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We're back...

We took a family trip to Oregon last weekend (check it out at

Last week Karter had an imbalance of his meds and was having about 2-3 seizures each day. We have adjusted is meds and he is down to one a day. We will be upping the meds again today and that should take care of this little episode.

Karter appears to have put on about 2+ pounds. We are so thankful for this as it has been almost a year since he has gained any weight.

I just received a call and Karter is now going to receive regular speech therapy from the Child Development Center. We are thrilled for this as most children do not get this type of support until about 4 or 5. Because Karter's referral date into the program was at 5 months of age, his place on the waiting list came up sooner than age 4. We are so thankful.

Other than that, there is not much to report. Each day we are thankful for the small milestones and look to tomorrow for bigger and better things.