Saturday, April 26, 2008

A real life Angel in our midst...

You know, I have always said that children in their simplicity, have the ability to see angels. I have watched as both my children at young ages, when life has not complicated their thoughts, have laid on the floor starring at the ceiling watching and giggling at what is above them. An Angel I am sure, playing games with them...

Not that I question if they are out there, cause I know they are, but as adults, our lives get so complicated and full of "stuff" that we lose the ability to see them. Sad really, but reality.

There have been a couple tough days this past week. Could be that it was due to being sick (it always takes our guard down and make us feel less like ourselves) or could just be "one of those days".

I am a planner, so there are things in life that I have looked forward to for years and maybe even decades. Ideas of how life was going to look when "you grew up". Marriage, children etc, etc. We all do it, we fantasize a bit about how things are suppose to be. Some of those things turn out that way, some don't. Sometimes things turn out better than we could have ever dreamed and then sometimes they don't. We can all relate with this right? There are things in life, that just don't always go as planned.

I am starting to realize that those things that don't turn out "just so" are not bad things, but rather just an adjustment of our preconceived notion. A small move off course. Sometimes, it shakes us a bit, but then we jump back, make adjustments and keep going. We find joy and blessing in the way things 'turn out" even when it wasn't they way we thought it should be.

This is how I feel about our journey right now. It is definitely not what I ever dreamed of, but it is the reality that we are joyfully living. God is good! The hard part is when the dreams that you shared with others, change because of it. We walk our reality day in and day out. To us, it is normal. But for others that watch, it looks hard, and they may not fully understand the impact and changes that we have made because of it.

We had to close the door on something this week that we have planned for almost 10 years. Sad to have to so no, but things change, circumstances change. I struggled a bit and wrestled a bit with God on this. We argued back and forth, but in the end He reminded me that He is still here and that He will come through. Maybe I won't see the full extent of that today, but He will come through.

I went out today with the kids and a friend. And I was looking at something for Karter. The purchase was a bit above something that I would just do without talking to Kurt about it. It definitely would make life easier with Karter, but I still wanted to consult Kurtis on it. After getting home, I called him to tell him about it. I had just got off the phone with him and we had discussed that maybe this item would be a good birthday gift for Karter from a grandparent. Then the phone rang again. It was the sales clerk. She let me know that the item had been purchased for us by in her words "an angel". All I needed to do was make the decision as to the specifics of it. I began to weep while I was on the phone. All I could say through my tears was, "wow, uh, thank you".

I have spent the past few hours really pondering this whole thing. Giving, what a powerful thing(now I am sure that is no shock to anyone)... Furthermore, giving when God impresses it upon our hearts...even more powerful! We have no idea where that person is, what their needs are or what it would mean to them. But if we choose to walk in obedience not only are we blessed but we change the life of someone else, possibly forever.

We have been taught often in the church to give of our money to the Lord and I think for most of us that has become habit (a really good one don't get me wrong). But more than that, giving of our time, of ourselves, of our talents, of our heart, our home, our love etc...that is more priceless than any amount written on a cheque. My life was changed today. Not just because of a gift, but also because God silently reminded me in that gift, that He is always caring for our needs and our kids needs. He has not yet forgotten us, nor will He ever! Also, just when I think that sometimes there are only tough things that I receive from Him, I received such a humbling, through a generous act of a precious Angel. A beautiful, precious, selfless gift...priceless!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

An answer to prayer...

I got an email the other day confirming that Karter was approved for the medical portion of the "At Home Program". This means that any equipment, perscriptions or other medical needs he has, will be covered under this program. PTL!!!! I was informed that he did not qualify for the respite dollars. I have to admit, I was really hoping that we would recevie those so that we could pay someone to come in a couple times each week and do his physio routine with him. But was thanksful that the other portio (the bigger finacial burden) was taken care of.

This afternoon, I recevied a call for Community Living BC, telling me that even though he did not qualify for the respite care through the provincial At Home Program, there was another program that he qualifies for on the municipal level. He has been waitlisted for the time being, but will be receiving respite dollars through that program in the future AMEN!

An update on Karter:

Other than the normal teething and a slight cold, things are really going well with Karter. He has been receiving some extra therapy to round out the flat portion of his skull (this is so facinating, I wish you could all take part and watch). There are two therapists that come to do this, his regualr therapist and another one who is trained well in this type of therapy.

The reports on Karter's progress are very encouraging. Both therapists feel that his strength has increased and that he is doign really well. They mentioned that they feel he is so close to rolling. Now, I am not sure what close refers to...a month, 6 months...but regardless, he is doing well and we are making gains every day. He is vocalizing more and more and louder and louder each day. We are so pleased with where Karter is and where he is going.