Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Friday's EEG

I totally forgot to update upon our return from Children's last week, sorry.

The EEG was 6 hours long and there were a few "questionable" moments on the test. The technician was unsure if she captured seizure activity and so she asked a colleague to look at the test, that person was also unsure and so they called in Dr. Conoly, she too was unsure. In the end, Dr. Conoly decided that she would look at the test a little more closely over the weekend and then take it to her neurology meeting this week. She will call us when they sort out the results.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Yesterday's Appointment

We met with Dr. Conoly yesterday afternoon. It was surprisingly a very easy appointment (beside the fact that they made us wait over an hour). In a nutshell she said that she was very happy that Karter had made some developmental gains since the last visit. She commented on how well she noticed he was communicating with us, both verbally and through eye contact. And she was very pleased that he had gained weight and grown in length.

The basic outcome of the appointment was that she would like to do some further testing because he is still having seizures. This would indicate to her that there it is very likely that they did not get all the abnormal tissue with the first surgery. Even though she did mention the option of surgery again, it was not at the forefront of conversation as it was in our appointment in August. She ordered a prolonged EEG for Friday morning at 7am and is trying to move up his MRI appointment (which I think is scheduled for February or March). After Friday's EEG, I will meet with her and we will discuss what will "happen next". They will possibly put him on another medication just to see if we can control the few seizures that he is having. the med's that he is on now are at their top dosages so we cannot increase them any more.

When I started asking "surgery" questions, she was very emphatic about keeping me looking at today (Yes God I get it...:-)). She informed me that we will probably look at the option of surgery again and talk about it with the surgeon, but that in no way mean it is the road we will or have to go down. We all agreed that we want to do what is best for Karter and we will cross that bridge when we need to.

So I will take Karter tomorrow for an EEG, we will be there for an extended time, not sure how long, but not overnight :-). I will let you know what happens as soon as I know.

We thank you for all your prayers and continue to be steadfast in our belief that God will heal our son. We may not know how or when or what that looks like, but we hold to His promise everyday!