Friday, August 20, 2010

Time For Walking....

Today Karter's walker arrived! We had it fitted this morning and Karter spent some time in it then and after lunch. There were far less tears this time as there were when we first tried it out two months ago. We have had a demo model on loan for the past two months and Karter has been using it almost daily since.

Although he is not booting around the house on his own YET, we are really proud of his accomplishments. Right now, we are focusing on standing and weight baring, of which he is doing very well. Generally, I put on his favorite show and lock the walker in position so that he can bare weight on his feet and through his hips. He has worked his way up to about 15 minutes before he gets upset.

When the walker is not locked, he will push himself backwards with his feet. This has improved greatly since his orthotics arrived. They allow him to not drag his feet or turn them under when standing - they have made a world of difference.

Karter will be taking his walker to preschool with him. This will allow him to participate in activities such as the water table, standing in circle time and outdoor play. We are really excited about that for him.

Ever since the first day of preschool, I told his teacher that our goal was for him to walk across the stage at graduation. That is what we are working towards. Assisted, unassisted, backwards or forwards, we are working on that special walk at the end of the year.

I wanted to share something with you. This morning I had a dream. We were somewhere very public. The entire family was there as was his Supported Childcare team (physio therapist, Childcare consultant and various others on his team) At one point Karter was in his walker. We were trying to get him to stand and he was doing well. For some reason, I had left him for a moment with his team. I came back and he was standing on his own. I left again and came back and they were looking for him - he had decided that he was going to walk. He got up and that was it, he had made the decision and was walking. I remember thinking "I knew it was only a matter of time". I woke up smiling and thinking that it was no coincidence that I dreamt that the morning I knew his walker was arriving. I am always thankful for the little reminders that "it is only a matter of time". How much, we are not to question but the assurance is there that it WILL happen.