Sunday, February 21, 2010

Post Surgery Follow Up Appointment

Has it already been a month? The time is flying by fast each day. Things are moving along so quickly these days that there is little time for the extra things in life; like blogging ;-).

At the beginning of the month, I took Karter to Children's Hospital for a post surgery follow up MRI and appointment. The day went very well. Karter was in and out of the MRI clinic in about an hour - that was a record for us!. We then had four hours to kill so Karter and I did some running around for a bit. At 1:30 we came back and met with the Neurologist & Surgeon.

The appointment was a great one just as we had expected. Everyone was very pleased with Karter's progress and with the result of no seizures. They will see him again in 6 months time for more follow up. Praise The Lord!

Karter has resumed preschool and all his therapies and everyone seems to be very pleased with his progress. The comments we get the most refer to his ability to concentrate and focus. He really pays attention when you call his name and he looks you right in the eye and his eye gaze remains fixed on you for as long as you are speaking to him. It is really great to see.

Karter continues to roll to his left side and his getting his body off the ground quite high as well. His sitting is still coming along, however he is figured out how much work it is and at time will push back so hard that we cannot get him to sit up straight. He did get his Seat2go and he really likes that. He sits in front of the TV or at circle time, he will sit in front of his toy bar and play, it is a whole new world of opportunities that have opened to him because of it. He is blessed!

With the house almost done, we are going to take in some Olympic fever downtown, at some point this week. I will post more about that later.

I will leave you with this new photo that week took this week. It really allows you to get a great sense of how our little guys is growing and how well he is doing. Baby Liam was born this week and Karter had a chance to hold him while we visited the hospital.