Saturday, March 12, 2011

WOW, we are so blessed!

Have you ever been completely surprised to the point that you were unable to speak? Have you ever been so blessed that there are no words to express your gratitude? Well last Saturday afternoon, we were both blessed and surprised.

We had planned a routine night out with some friends. Along with two other families, we were taking our kids to Chuck E Cheese for some time out together. First though, we were told to meet at someones house. Once we arrived, they were in the car waiting and we were told to follow them somewhere. We were completely confused and had no clue what was going on.

We drove for about 15 minutes. We parked and walked to a movie theater. At this point, we knew something was going on. (and just for the record, if you did not already know, I hate surprises, so I am anxious now!) We entered the lobby of the theater to see a few of our friends standing there, one with a camera, the other to guide us and another just for moral support. We were told to go through the doors to the main theater.

Upon entering, we saw a room full of people we knew. We were ushered to the front and the explanation began. This was a fundraiser event on Karter's behalf. Something to help with the costs that we would incur in the coming months and years for things that Karter would need; for us in the near present that would be a wheelchair accessible van.

Each person in the theater had paid to come and see a movie and the ticket proceeds were given on Karter's behalf. In addition, people made donations as well. A website had been set up and people had been notified of the event almost two months prior. We had NO idea! Just over $4000 was raised by this event.

Kurt and I stood there stunned, overwhelmed and shocked. Completely overcome with immense emotion, neither of us could pull it together to say anything but 'thank you'.

It has taken almost a full week for us to fully let it all sink in. We wanted to be able to properly thank anyone who had contributed to this blessing. First off, we want to express our gratitude to P&C who put this event together, what a thoughtful gesture - you guys are amazing!

Here is the letter we sent to be posted on the website.

Dear Friends,

It has taken us a few days to absorb and process your generosity. I am pretty sure it will still take some time for it to fully sink in. There have been many moments over the past few days when we will look at each other in disbelief of what happened – we were truly overwhelmed by your gesture of love.

When we arrived, as a family, to see you all sitting there in that theater, it was both a surreal and emotionally charged moment; one that quite literally rendered us speechless. Then to hear that you had all taken the time to share a Saturday afternoon in hon our of our son, we were deeply touched to say the least. In addition, so many of you also gave generous financial donations. For all of this we were extremely humbled.

At the end of the day, Karter was blessed with just under $4000 that will be put towards the purchase of a wheelchair accessible van. There are not enough words to truly express to you what a huge blessing this is. The van is something we have been praying a lot about. Its expense is certainly not something that we ever foresaw having to make. Knowing that it is a huge purchase, we have been standing on the promise that the Lord will provide the resources to make it happen – you are part of that! We are in process of applying for various grants to help cover the conversion costs. With your generosity, the burden of our portion has been lessened considerably.

We wanted to make sure that we thanked you all and let you know what a blessing you have been. Had we not been so overcome with emotion Saturday afternoon, we would have said it then. The expression of love from our ‘village’ of supporters is something we will treasure for a lifetime; something that has propelled us to a place of great strength and encouragement. Without all of you to support us on this journey, we would not have made it very far.

As Karter’s parents, we cannot express to you how it feels to know that Karter has touched your lives the way he has. We know that there is a very special mantle that rests upon him, something that the Lord has placed upon him. The idea that without ever speaking a word, he has touched your hearts in such a way as to move you to this type of generosity blesses us more than you will ever know.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all; may you be blessed for being a blessing.

With all our love,

Kurtis, Charlene, Paige and Karter Witt

Kindergarten Plans

Last Friday Kurtis, Karter and myself along with our Child Care Consultant as well someone from the school board office, took a visit to the James Hill Special Needs Class.

We met with the Principal first who took us on a tour of the class room and to meet the resource teacher and hear about the program that is offered at the school.

The program is exceptional and something that would meet Karter's needs so well. There is a nice balance of integration into typical classroom time with a program that would allow Karter to have daily physical therapy and be in the class working on goals that are more suited to his developmental level.

We were asked if this program was something that we would like to see Karter be part of in the fall, when he starts kindergarten. We agreed that it was most definitely where we would want Karter if the choice was ours.

It sounds that it is a very likely placement for Karter. We still have to have the final 'stamp of approval' from the school board. The next step is the transition meetings that precede Karter's transition from preschool to kindergarten.

We are feeling pretty relieved after seeing the program knowing that this option would be a great one for Karter.