Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall is flying by

I feel like I start every post by commenting on how fast the time is going. But truly, I am in awe of how quickly the weeks and months go by.

I always love September for its new schedules and new activities. This September was no different. Karter settled into preschool really well. He has a new one to one support named Kelly, who is simply amazing.

We set Karter's goals for preschool in our summer meetings. So as soon as classes finally started in full swing, everything was in place. Karter spends the first part of every class practicing in his walker. After meeting with the physiotherapist half way through September, it was determined that we would work on the skill of pushing backwards rather than moving forwards. This is the natural progression of skill for a typical child when learning to move and walk in a walker. Karter is doing VERY well. He is now independently moving about 8 feet backwards. It takes time and it is tiring, but he is doing amazing; we are so proud of him.

Socially, Karter is fitting in very well with the kids in the class. They are all so loving and inclusive of Karter. There are children that are constantly helping him with his artwork or bringing toys to his tray to play with. One part of the class, Kelly lets Karter lay on his back while she reads him a book. The other children all join in because they think this is so fun. It is actually pretty cute, Karter and Kelly cross their leg over their knee and all the other children have joined in to do it as well. And then Kelly will make Karter cross the other leg over and all the kids will switch too!

In addition to preschool three mornings a week, Karter is riding again this year. In the Spring session, Karter cried for the full 30 minutes every time we went. This session, he has done so well. There have been very few complaints. He is even riding without the pillow support around him. They have started him on a bareback saddle and he seems to do really well. He especially loves it when they ride outside the arena. Sandy, his physiotherapist, has even said there have been smiles and the giggles at times. Here are a couple of pics of him riding.

We are so excited for this year. Karter has shown us that he can continue to overcome adverse situations and move towards great things. One of the things I pray each day before he goes to preschool or riding, is that his infectious joy is what people see and notice in him. His amazing giggle and smile that we see at home all the time; the one that warms you right to the core of your soul. At our meeting last week with all his therapists and support team a comment was made that he is much more happy this year. That they noticed how many more smiles he was having and how much laughter they heard. That touched me so much.

I am always reminded that it is not how fast you get there but rather that you arrive. Time never concerns me. I just live in the promise that we will get there someday!

I am going to leave you with a couple of the great pics we had taken at our family photo shoot a month ago.