Saturday, August 8, 2009

Karter's Fund

We have been asked by a number of people to set up a fund in Karter's name for donations specifically for his treatment, equipment and other needs as he grows and develops. Our goal is that in spite of Karter's additional needs, he will have the appropriate care and proper equipment to make life as easy as possible and to give him the same opportunities that Paige and other children have at his age. After a bit of research into the options, we have taken the necessary steps to completing this.

I would like to preface this by letting you know that we are in no way soliciting your donations. We just wanted to make available to those who have asked, the option that would best suit them. Karter has been blessed in abundance this past few years and his needs, by the grace of God, are taken care because of the generosity of many.

The account is set up at CIBC Bank. It is in Karter's name. If you hold an account with CIBC, you can make an online transfer from your account to his. If you do not hold an account with CIBC, you can go into any of the 1000's of branches across Canada and give them his account information and make the deposit there. We have been told that listing the deposit information here is secure and we have taken all the proper security measures to ensure that the account will not be compromised.

You will need this account number when you go in, they will not let you deposit with just his name. It is 00720/66-52999.

Some of you have asked specifically what Karter's needs are right now. I have listed below the need and the amount. Again, please know our heart in this and know that we are not vying for your money. God has placed on the hearts of many to help bless Karter and take care of his specific needs. Those needs will be provided for, that is a promise that we stand on and have experienced over the past years. Bless you all!

Needs for now: Updated for 2011

Wheelchair accessible van ($60,000)

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