Friday, February 13, 2009


Ok, I mentioned awhile back that I would get a riding video of Karter's first day up. Honestly, I kind of forgot about it until I was talking with someone tonight about Karter's riding.

With the kids in bed and my hubby at hockey, what better time than today!?! So here it is. The quality is not great because I took it on my digital camera (I forgot the video camera that day).


On Our Way said...

Thanks for posting this Char. He is such an ispiration, and an absolute joy to watch!

Susan said...

So precious Char.

Tawn said...

ok. i sat here and let the tears fall ... I remember you saying what it was like to see Karter doing something for HIM on his OWN.

This is the greatest thing ever!!

Alex said...

I love finding stuff like this online! I volunteer at a therapeutic riding place myself--I completely enjoy watching the benefits!