Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ketogenic Diet - 1 Month Check Up

On Thursday morning, we went to Children's Hospital for our 1 month blood work and check up.  Karter had to fast through the night and until his blood work was completed.  It was a simple draw and he did very well.  No tears at all!

We had him weighed and he has regained everything he lost in the first couple of days on the diet.  They were very pleased.

Up until the appointment, Karter had gone 9 straight days without a seizure and the four days prior to that, his seizures would start but not manifest into anything.  The keto team was very pleased; so much so that they found Karter's neurologist and brought her in to tell her the good news.

Should this pattern keep up, they have said that the reduction of meds come September is a very good possibly.  We were very happy to hear that.

We will go back at the three month mark (September) and the decision on whether to keep him on the diet long term will be made.  At the same time, they will make a decision about medication.

We are very pleased at how well Karter had done on the diet.  Although extremely prep intensive on my part, we really feel it is worth it and we are falling into a good routine for prep. 

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Anonymous said...

Great news!!Praying as the days go by everything continues to get even better!!! Thanks Char for all your hard work in making our grandson`s life better!!!Your a wonderful Mother, we love you.Have a great week.Gramma W.